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The CQ University Cyclones are happy to announce that Muffi Loader will be back for her second season with the team after committing to play for the Cyclones in the 2024 season.  Muffi was an integral piece in the Cyclones push to the grand final last season and it is great to have her back in Rockhampton for the season ahead.  


Coach Drew Fenton said of Muffi’s return, “Muffi was a priority signing for the Cyclones in 2024. The energy and leadership Muffi brings to the team is immeasurable. Her dedication to the Rocky program since her arrival last year has been fantastic, coaching juniors, running individual sessions and always being a positive influence around the stadium and in the community.

No job is too big for Muffi, always up to the task of defending the opposition's best player and doing the dirty work that not everyone wants to do. Every successful team needs a Muffi Loader on the roster if they want to be there at the pointy end of the season.


Loader couldn’t be happier in her return to Rockhampton and said, “Returning to the Cyclones was an easy decision. What we achieved last year was just a small taste of what’s on the menu for this year. For those of us returning, we’re hungrier than ever. For the players joining, they’re adding some fresh flavour. The coaching staff are in the kitchen cooking up a storm whilst our beautiful manager prepares for the hustle and bustle. All I can say is, get ready for the feast Rocky…” 


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