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U12 Girls - Cyclones

Coach: Rach Duncan

Assistant Coach: Amy Daley

U12 Boys - Jets

Coach: Luke Greany

Assistant Coach: Ben Greany

U14 Boys - Jets

Coach: Zane Borg

Assistant Coach: Peter Trennery

U16 Girls - Cyclones

Coach: Drew Fenton

Assistant Coach: Tabitha Allen

U18 Girls - Cyclones

Coach: Drew Fenton

Assistant Coach: Jess Lorraway

U12 Boys - Rockets

Coach: Paul Christensen

Assistant Coach: Sam Loughnan

U14 Boys - Rockets

Coach: Greg Elson

Assistant Coach: Luke Greany 

U14 Girls - Storm

Coach: Katrina Clifford

Assistant Coach: Bianca Ramm

U16 Boys - Jets

Coach: Mitchell Kuhl/Mylique Prior

Assistant Coach: Daniel Mabb

U18 Boys - Jets

Coach: Sean Biernacki

Assistant Coach: Greg Scott

U12 Girls - Storm 

U14 Girls - Cyclones

Coach: Scott Dooley

Assistant Coach : Alexandra Brady

U16 Boys - Rockets

Coach: Jordana Brady

Assistant Coach: Riley Wessling

U18 Boys - Rockets

Coach: Darren Richardson

Assistant Coach: Wade Rebetzke

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